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AIoT Week Korea 2022 : Oct 19(Wed) ~ 21(Fri), 2022

D-day 163



IoT Week Korea 2017 brochure

Date : 2017.09.26

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Connecting/Converging IoT with the 4th Industrial Revolution!!


Correspondence ▶ How are the government and public services corresponding to the 4th Industrial Revolution ?

Revolution ▶ How are the international/domestic ICT companies revolutionize their businesses in the 4th Industrial Revolution era ?

Cooperation ▶ How are the ICT companies and home appliance, automotive, construction, energy, steel, distribution and

                     agricultural industry going to cooperate ?

Transition ▶ What changes are to be expected with the lives of the people and public for the upcoming intelligent information society ?


Join us from Oct 10 to 13, to be part of the 12 co-located events during 『IoT Week Korea 2017』

to find your answers about the 4th Industrial Revolution.


For the details, Please refer to the brochure or Concurrent Event of  hompage.